Alan Thomas

průvodce pro 6. – 9. ročník

Alan earned his bachelors degree in physics from the University of Oklahoma, and his master’s degree in Education from the College of New Jersey, both in the United States.  He has well over two decades of teaching experience, and has taught in a number of US schools and International schools in Prague, mainly math and science, but numerous other subjects as well. His personal interests are music, literature, film, constructivist education, and the history of science. He believes the democratic-free approach to education is extremely important in a world where authoritarianism is on the rise and democracy is under attack.



Vážení rodiče, jak asi víte ze sdělovacích prostředků, vláda od úterního večera zakazuje všechny sportovní, kulturní, náboženské i umělecké akce s účastí nad 100 osob. Zárove..