Kristina Exlerová

průvodkyně pro 1. – 9. ročník, anglický jazyk

Along my path, I’ve decided to become a teacher; to watch students grow and find their own path. I challenged myself to move my teaching to Prague where I would meet many personalities and students from another part of the world. I wanted to get an insight of how students learn and to understand the many education differences between countries. Although I am a teacher, I strive to learn three new things everyday. As my teachers fostered within me a desire to learn, challenge myself and explore, I am excited to share the same experiences with my students. I wish to share my love of learning and teaching to help nurture the value of life-long learning.


I am a dual citizen of the United States and Czech Republic. Although I grew up in Florida, I have spent many summers visiting my family in Prague and acquiring the Czech culture. While I was completing my Bachelor degree in Education at Florida Gulf Coast University, I started planning my long-term goal of moving to Czech. After teaching elementary and high school in Florida, I decided to take my teaching across seas. Upon my arrival in Prague, I became certified to teach English as a foreign language to get an understanding of the current process of acquiring a new language. Teaching is a passion of mine and I believe effective teachers model kindness, compassion, organization, intelligence, inspiration and collaboration. Teaching allows me to experience the joy of learning over and over again. ScioSkola has a unique approach to education and I am excited to be here. I am also currently expanding my studies to complete my Masters degree in Psychology to pursue my interest of Childhood/Educational Psychology.

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